An agent saw me in the Virtual Showcase; I went in to audition and I was asked to sign the same week. This is an excellent way to get noticed.
- Abebi Aba, Actor

I submitted to CTN before the showcase, and it wasn't until they saw my showcase that they were interested in bringing me in! -Shaina Schrooten, Actor

I've participated in the Virtual Showcase every year since moving to Chicago, most recently May of 2016. Thanks to the showcase, I've had agent meetings and booked a few film gigs. -Katie Mancuso, Actor

This is an incredible way for actors to be seen as we have signed numerous talents from his Virtual Showcases. -Marisa Paonessa, Agent/Owner, Paonessa Talent

I felt confident with the finished product and rightfully so. Almost immediately after publishing, I was contacted by an agency and have been given the opportunity of representation...also, I was booked for a Cat Food Commercial directly from the showcase. Having this marketing tool ready and available to Casting Directors is an awesome tool for the toolbelt. Thank you. -Josh Leeper, Actor

Gracie got an agent within a week of the Virtual Showcase! Matt made Grace feel so comfortable and camera-ready. Definitely worth it!!!!! -Erica Halverson, Kids & Teen Showcase

The day the showcase went live, I got a call from Stewart Talent saying that they saw my video and wanted to meet with me. When I went in, they didn't even have me audition for them again. They just signed me on the spot since they had already seen me perform. It was more than I could have ever hoped for. -Kyra Jones, Actor

The showcase helped me to finally land representation! Thanks Matt! -Zoe Schwartz, Actor

These virtual showcases are a WONDERFUL resource.
-Sam Samuelson, Agent, Stewart Talent

The virtual showcase opened so many doors for me…within days of the showcase I was contacted for work! BEST investment I've made in my acting career - and it's active for a full YEAR. -Kristine Marks, Actor

It was a combination of your Virtual Showcase and what I learned in your workshops that got me cast in a music video, and, best of all, signed by one of Chicago's premiere talent agencies.
-Jay Delarosa, Actor

So far I got 2 auditions from your showcase. (One resulted in shooting a student film a couple of weeks ago.) The showcase is a great way to make new connections.
-Kari Keillor, Actor

This is a great, low stress way to get organized and have your work seen by a lot of people at once. The actually filming is enjoyable and the cost extremely reasonable. I had three calls within 48 hours: two audition requests and an agent! I intend to do the virtual showcase every year and I recommend it to anyone who wants to remind the Chicago acting community that you are here. Great opportunity!
-Martha Hansen, Actor

Matt Miller is great. Take his class. Do the virtual showcase. You'll be happy you did. -Christine Martini, Actor

A couple weeks after doing the showcase I was contacted by the Goodman Theatre for an audition.
-Alison Hixon, Actor

I landed two short film roles after having my work posted and have since been signed by an agent.
-Kelsey Jorissen, Actor

I was cast in a Columbia College project after the director saw my footage on the Virtual Showcase.
-Jennifer Oldham, Actor

Last month I booked and filmed a job from doing your showcase. I just want to say thank you for telling me about the showcase. I didn't expect to make that money back so soon.
-Marcus Evans, Actor

My showcase was seen by a music video director and he offered me a role based on that footage. It's an effective and affordable way to be seen.
-Jospeh Adamczak, Actor

Because of Matt Miller’s virtual showcase, I rarely have to go in for an actual audition for student and independent films. I have been cast in many projects from the virtual showcase alone. This saves a lot of money on my part.
-Sandy Gulliver, Actor

I did get an Illinois Lottery commercial audition from this experience. I am hoping that more people see our showcases and present new opportunities. Matt's Showcases are a definite no-brainer for newer actors to the industry."
-Sean Patrick Leonard, Actor

Matt was wonderful to work with and I started getting called in to many big casting offices once the clip was up.
-Katy Carolina Collins, Actor

I got a call from an agency about 3 days after the showcase posted.
-Whitney Hayes, Actor

I was caught off guard when I got a call for an agency audition two days after the showcase posting.
-Katie Suib, Actor

I signed with an agent who saw me on the Virtual Showcase and called me in. Then 6 months later I booked a voice-over on a national t.v. commercial with that agent. The Virtual Showcase allowed me to jump right over agent mailings.
-Kevin D’ambrosio, Actor

I got a major theater audition from someone who saw me in the Virtual Showcase! It is such a great tool for actors, and I'm really glad I did it.
-Melanie Loren, Actor

The virtual showcase got me an offer for a student film and an audition at a major Chicago theater. It's great, super easy, fun, and it keeps working for you--24/7. Thanks so much!
-Sam Gleisten, Actor