An agent saw me in the Virtual Showcase; I went in to audition and I was asked to sign the same week. This is an excellent way to get noticed.
- Abebi Aba, Actor, March 2018 Showcase

I submitted to CTN before the showcase, and it wasn't until they saw my showcase that they were interested in bringing me in! -Shaina Schrooten, Actor, May 2018 Showcase

I've participated in the Virtual Showcase every year since moving to Chicago, most recently May of 2016. Thanks to the showcase, I've had agent meetings and booked a few film gigs. -Katie Mancuso, May 2016 Showcase

This is an incredible way for actors to be seen as we have signed numerous talents from his Virtual Showcases. -Marisa Paonessa, Agent/Owner, Paonessa Talent

I felt confident with the finished product and rightfully so. Almost immediately after publishing, I was contacted by an agency and have been given the opportunity of representation...also, I was booked for a Cat Food Commercial directly from the showcase. Having this marketing tool ready and available to Casting Directors is an awesome tool for the toolbelt. Thank you. -Josh Leeper, May 2016 Showcase

Gracie got an agent within a week of the Virtual Showcase! Matt made Grace feel so comfortable and camera-ready. Definitely worth it!!!!! -Erica Halverson, Kids & Teen Showcase, June 2016

The day the showcase went live, I got a call from Stewart Talent saying that they saw my video and wanted to meet with me. When I went in, they didn't even have me audition for them again. They just signed me on the spot since they had already seen me perform. It was more than I could have ever hoped for. -Kyra Jones, August 2014 Showcase

The showcase helped me to finally land representation! Thanks Matt! -Zoe Schwartz, July 2015 Showcase

These virtual showcases are a WONDERFUL resource.
-Sam Samuelson, Agent, Stewart Talent

The virtual showcase opened so many doors for me…within days of the showcase I was contacted for work! BEST investment I've made in my acting career - and it's active for a full YEAR. -Kristine Marks, October 2013 Showcase

It was a combination of your Virtual Showcase and what I learned in your workshops that got me cast in a music video, and, best of all, signed by one of Chicago's premiere talent agencies.
-Jay Delarosa, April 2013 Showcase

So far I got 2 auditions from your showcase. (One resulted in shooting a student film a couple of weeks ago.) The showcase is a great way to make new connections.
-Kari Keillor, October 2013 Showcase

This is a great, low stress way to get organized and have your work seen by a lot of people at once. The actually filming is enjoyable and the cost extremely reasonable. I had three calls within 48 hours: two audition requests and an agent! I intend to do the virtual showcase every year and I recommend it to anyone who wants to remind the Chicago acting community that you are here. Great opportunity!
-Martha Hansen, September 2013 Showcase

Matt Miller is great. Take his class. Do the virtual showcase. You'll be happy you did. -Christine Martini, January 2013 Showcase

A couple weeks after doing the showcase I was contacted by the Goodman Theatre for an audition.
-Alison Hixon, November 2013 Showcase

I landed two short film roles after having my work posted and have since been signed by an agent.
-Kelsey Jorissen, March 2013 Showcase

I was cast in a Columbia College project after the director saw my footage on the Virtual Showcase.
-Jennifer Oldham, January 2010 Showcase

Last month I booked and filmed a job from doing your showcase. I just want to say thank you for telling me about the showcase. I didn't expect to make that money back so soon.
-Marcus Evans, November 2009 Showcase

My showcase was seen by a music video director and he offered me a role based on that footage. It's an effective and affordable way to be seen.
-Jospeh Adamczak, June 2009 Showcase

Because of Matt Miller’s virtual showcase, I rarely have to go in for an actual audition for student and independent films. I have been cast in many projects from the virtual showcase alone. This saves a lot of money on my part.
-Sandy Gulliver, May 2009 Showcase

I did get an Illinois Lottery commercial audition from this experience. I am hoping that more people see our showcases and present new opportunities. Matt's Showcases are a definite no brainer for newer actors to the industry."
-Sean Patrick Leonard, June 2009 Showcase

Matt was wonderful to work with and I started getting called in to many big casting offices once the clip was up.
-Katy Carolina Collins, November 2009 Showcase

I got a call from an agency about 3 days after the showcase posted.
-Whitney Hayes, August 2009 Showcase

I was caught off guard when I got a call for an agency audition two days after the showcase posting.
-Katie Suib, August 2009 Showcase

I signed with an agent who saw me on the virtual showcase and called me in. Then 6 months later I booked a voice-over on a national t.v. commercial with that agent. The virtual showcase allowed me to jump right over agent mailings.
-Kevin D’ambrosio, May 2009 Showcase

I got a major theater audition from someone who saw me in the virtual showcase! It is such a great tool for actors, and I'm really glad I did it.
-Melanie Loren, May 2009 Showcase

The virtual showcase got me an offer for a student film and an audition at a major Chicago theater. It's great, super easy, fun, and it keeps working for you--24/7. Thanks so much!
-Sam Gleisten, August 2009 Showcase